BeBoffins Terms & Conditions

To avoid disappointment, I recommend you secure your party date and fill in a booking form as soon as possible.  As I don’t mind if you need to cancel your booking no deposit is taken but I do ask that you let me know asap if you need to cancel your party or event so alternative arrangements can be made.

  • Once completed booking form is received I will contact you to confirm that booking is made.
  • I will do our best to comply to any special requests.
  • I will contact you a few days before the party for a list of the children’s first names and any other issue that might need addressing;  Please do not hesitate to contact me beforehand with any concerns that you may have.
  • My parties require a table or space for a table as I can bring one if needed and space for the children to sit/stand.  Chairs are always a huge bonus (but not essential) as they help to make the children more comfortable and less restless.
  • I request that at least one adult should be present at all times during the presentation.
  • All ‘hands-on’ experiments are fully supervised and safe for children to handle.
  • If at any time I feel that the behaviour of one or more children is likely to cause danger or disruption which jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of myself or other children.  I will request that are controlled or removed and, if this doesn’t happen, I reserve the right to cease the party/presentation until the situation is resolved or terminate it if a resolution can’t be found.
  • All my parties and presentations are based around enquiry based fun learning which demands explanations and interchange of questions and answers between the myself and the children to fully engage them. Family and friends are welcome to stay but please ask them to be respectful and remain quiet during the presentation.
  • To fully enjoy your science presentation, I ask that you please switch off music or put away any other distractions (usually balloons) whilst the presentation is taking place.
  • Your BeBoffins’s presentation will reflect the character of the birthday child and children present. They have experience in delivering a first-class performance to a varied audience.
  • I cannot accept responsibility for:
    (a) Injuries caused by children touching the equipment table without being invited to do so.
    (b) Allergies that have not been specified at the time of booking or the beginning of the party.

  • I always endeavour to  adhere to  health and safety standards, whereby all equipment is tested on a regular basis, and sanitised when needed
  • If you are unhappy with your presentation, then please speak to me immediately if possible or in writing as soon as possible.
  • It is company policy that I do not help with the catering of food or escorting children to the toilet.
  • Beboffins holds full public liability insurance and risk assessment procedures that cover everyone who attends the party.
  • My Privacy Policy: Respects the information you supply and is used solely for the purpose of my service to you. I will never divulge your information to a third party.
  • I reserve the right to publish any comments, feedback or images of BeBoffins’s demonstrations. Unless specifically asked not to do so.

children having fun with science